Careers in Media: Getting Started

Careers In Media – What It Takes To Get Started

Careers in media can be very rewarding. Heads of major radio stations, popular radio jockeys, newscasters and editors of primetime shows make a lot of money. Careers in media are a fine blend of glamour, fame and money. But the professions aren’t a cakewalk. Not only is finding a foothold in the media industry a very daunting challenge but staying ahead of the rest and living up to expectations and job requirements can be extremely taxing. A career in the media isn’t for everyone. You have to be willing to work long hours, forget weekends at times and you should be able to have multiple interests and specializations. One specialization or expertise in one particular field is not good enough if you are in media.

If you want a career in media, then you have to decide what you wish to become. There are dozens of sub-domains and scores of specializations in media. What you wish to be will determine what kind of course you have to take. For instance, to become a radio jockey, you would have to sign up for a course to get trained and then you would have to sign up for internships. Conventional schools and colleges don’t have such courses. You may want to sign up for media studies or sign up with technical institutes that offer courses on radio jockeying. The courses are usually six month long up to a year.

It must be noted that formal training is not mandatory for any career in media but interestingly anyone with a successful career in media has formal training. The industry is extremely competitive so formal training is quintessential to get started and then it is all about one’s potential and achievements. Scaling up the ladder in the world of media can take a lifetime or it can be a matter of just one major achievement.

Careers in media are not confined to radio jockeys and newscasters, journalists and writers. There are many other jobs. For instance, you could be in public relations, you may have a degree in law and work in the legal department of a media company, you may have a degree in business administration and work as a manager or group head, you might have a degree in marketing or communications and work in various facets of media. From market research to business planning, sales to event management, careers in media are more diverse than most other industries.

But like other industries, the focus on internships, hands-on experience or on the job training are extremely important. Without substantial exposure in the industry, it is quite difficult for anyone to find a foothold. Also, the popular faces or names in the media industry tend to dominate an era and they don’t typically hang their boots before their time is up or much after. Hence, the glass ceiling in media is quite difficult to break.

Careers in media can be life altering but only for those who have the potential and conviction to see through the day to day challenges.